Why Driving Defensively is Important





When learning any new type of skill we feel awkward at first. We just try to learn the basics. Once we have gotten the basics down and don’t feel so uncomfortable we can build on those skills. Driving is definitely a skill that we must build upon. We are not great drivers when we first get our licenses. However, as we grow and gain experience we learn and understand why driving defensively is important.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is the ability to look around your vehicle while you are driving, so you know what is going on in all directions. By knowing what is going on in all directions you will be aware of potential issues that could arise.

For example, if you are paying attention to what is going on around you and another car’s hood flies up you can slow down and allow them to pull off the road. If you were not being a defensive driver you might not have seen that happen and an accident could have occurred.

Why Driving Defensively is Important

Driving defensively is important because it gives a driver a 360-degree picture of what is going on around them. By being aware of what is going on in every direction you have the ability, hopefully, to react as something is happening.

The more time you are able to give yourself to respond the more time you have to react. By reacting you will hopefully have the chance to stop an accident from occurring or at the very least minimize the damage.

For example, by looking ahead you might see a ball roll into the street. You should slow down because there could be a child coming into the street after that ball. He or she may not look before they run into the street.

How do you Become a Defensive Driver?

Becoming a defensive driver isn’t terribly difficult. It is mostly about learning how to pay attention to your surroundings. That skill will become more natural as you become a more experienced driver. You will get more comfortable behind the wheel and won’t need to pay attention to every single thing you do as you drive. Your focus will be able to shift outside of your car.

You have to watch out for other vehicles, including bicycles. You will also need to watch for pedestrians and animals. Because you are the one that can do a whole lot more damage you need to be very aware when pedestrians are crossing the road.

Driving defensively is a skill every driver should strive to attain. Being able to foresee the possibility of trouble coming before it happens is an edge all drivers need to have. The ultimate goal is to keep you and everyone in the vehicle safe from harm. If you can be prepared for unexpected things happening you can do just that. Driving defensively is important.

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