Traffic Violation Could Cost You Your Job and More

Sometimes we take for granted that we get to drive from place to place. And for a person driving for a living adds another level of pressure most people aren’t even aware of. If something were to happen, to a person who drives for a living, like an accident or a traffic violation he or she could be out of work for an extended period of time.

Think about a person who is football player or a baseball player, for their career. If he or she gets hurt, like breaks an arm or a leg, they could be benched for the season or possibly forever. For someone who drives for a living, getting a traffic violation could get him or her fired from their position.

A person losing his or her driver’s license could be affected in many areas of their life. If they are not working they are not making money. Not making money could mean bills will not get paid, which could lead to many other issues.

When a person who drives for a living he or she signs a contract they agree to drive safely. Most of the time included in that contract is a section that states if a person gets a certain number of points on his or her driver’s license they can be fired from that position.

What many people do not realize is that whether they drive for a living or not, if they get points on their driver’s license their car insurance company could raise their car insurance rates. Many companies will not increase rates after one accident or one traffic citation, but should a person accumulate a few points he or she could end up paying more to stay insured.

What many people also do not know is that there are Traffic School classes out there. A person who is eligible is able to get a 1-point traffic violation removed from his or her driver’s license. He or she must successfully complete the course and the test at the end with a 70% or better.

Most people don’t go out of their way to break the law, but people forget or let’s be honest, get lazy and don’t drive as defensively as they should. Sometimes we go years without getting a single ticket, but then all of sudden it seems like every time we turn around we end up with a traffic citation or end up in some type of car accident.

It is amazing how fast driver’s license points can accumulate, to the point where we are either in jeopardy of: an increase in car insurance, and/or if we drive for a living, losing a job.

It is very important to be a defensive driver at all times, but if you do end up getting pulled over let it be a reminder that driving is a privilege and it can be taken away if we are not careful.

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