Traffic School for Teens

Teen drivers are the youngest and most inexperienced group of new drivers. For that reason, teen drivers are required to take some sort of traffic school a.k.a. Driver’s Education. This course is required for any new driver, however it is geared towards teen drivers as they are the ones most likely taking the course.

Traffic School for Teens has two components. The first component is the academic piece which covers all the rules of the road that will help them pass the written exam. The second component is the behind the wheel piece where teens get first-hand experience driving, with an experienced adult, helping them get ready to pass the driving part of the exam.

Let’s look at each component of Traffic School for Teens a bit more closely:

Academic piece

This component of traffic school for teens can be taken either at a facility or as an online class. Either option will give you the same type of information. They will both go over the rules of the road and both options will help students prepare for the written exam.

The biggest difference between the two is really preference. If teen driver does better with an instructor and a set pace he or she should probably take the class at the facility. If the teen has a very full schedule and can only do a little bit of the class at a time than the online version might be a better option.

Behind the wheel piece

This components can only be done in person. The teen driver will need to find an accredited Driver’s Education school that can take them through the behind the wheel piece. This part of the course gets the teen driver out on the road to get that hands-on experience.

The instructor will take them through both the city and on the highway. This course, along with the appropriate amount of hours required with a parent or guardian, will prepare the teen to take the driving portion of the exam.

Both components must be completed with a passing grade in order for the teen driver to take the next step which is to take the driver’s education exam. The teen driver must also pass both parts of the exam, in order to receive his or her driver’s license, which must be taken at the DMV. He or she must also prove that they have car insurance on whatever car they will be driving.

Traffic school for teens is required by every state. The most important thing to do is to make sure that the school the teen attends is accredited by the state. If it is not the teen could go through the entire course and the DMV will not accept the certificate of completion. That means the teen driver would have to take the course again with one that is approved by the state.

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