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Traffic school courses are designed to help a person improve his/her driving. Driving requires a set of skills that need to continuously be improved upon. Whether a person is just learning to drive or has been driving for 20 years he or she needs to be open to learning more about driving. What traffic school courses are available?

Driver’s Education

This course is designed to help new drivers properly prepare in order to take the written exam for their driver’s license. Although there are still courses available at a facility, like a driver’s ed school, there are also online options. Many states will allow the new driver to take the course at their own pace. A good online course will have both reading passages and videos. The course will be interesting and interactive. It will also have quizzes to help a person be fully prepared for the written exam.

Driver’s License Test Prep

This driver’s ed course was created to help the person who might have some test anxiety. The student will have full access to several practice tests that have questions from previous exams. The purpose is to give the student a sense of self-confidence. By reviewing and understanding the types of questions that will be on the exam a person should feel more prepared for the written exam.

Traffic Violator Course

When a person receives a minor traffic violation, in certain states, a person, who hasn’t received a traffic citation in at least 18 months has the option to go to Traffic Violator School. Once completed the course will remove a 1-point citation from a person’s driving record. Just be sure that the county you got the citation in allows a person to take a Traffic Violator Course. You don’t want to get all the way through the course only to find out it will not remove the point.

Mature Driver Improvement Course

In some states, a person, 55 years of age, or older, who completes a Mature Driver Improvement Course could be eligible for a reduction of insurance premiums. Each insurance company has the right to set their own parameters. That means the insurance company can deny the reduction if a person’s driving record is not good. It also means each company determines how much the insurance premium is reduced.

Commercial Driver’s License Test Prep

Earning a CDL requires a bit more knowledge than a regular driver’s license. When attempting to earn a CDL a person needs to study the differences in the rules of the road. The CDL course helps a person prepare for the exam, by giving a person practice tests that will go over the subject matter that will be covered on the exam.

Summary of Traffic School Courses

Traffic school courses cover a variety of topics. They help a person prepare to take their first driving exam, refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road in order to remove a 1-point traffic violation, help a person prepare for a CDL exam and possibly help a mature driver reduce his or her insurance premiums.



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