Traffic Citation Point Removal

Many people do not realize that getting a traffic citation could affect not only their driving record, but also their finances. Getting a traffic ticket could increase a person’s insurance rates. No one wants to pay even more money for insurance. Fortunately, some people are eligible to get that 1-point traffic citation removed from their driving record.

A person who fits the following criteria is eligible to take a Traffic School Course which would remove the traffic citation point from his or her driving record:

  • The Traffic School Course can only be used to remove a 1-point traffic violation.
  • A person can only take a Traffic School Course, in most counties, every 18 months.
  • In order to pass the course, get the necessary certificate and get the 1-point traffic citation removed from a driving record a person needs to get a 70% or better on the final exam.

Also, it is important to be aware that:

  • Paying for and taking a Traffic School Course does not get a person out of paying for the citation. He or she will still be required to pay for the traffic ticket and the course.
  • A person needs to make sure that the Traffic School you choose, whether it is online or at a “brick and mortar” type building, is approved by the county that the ticket was issued in as each county has their own requirements. The last thing anyone would want to do is pay for the course, complete it and then find out that it is not on the approved list.

Classes can be taken either online or at a physical building. It is important to be aware that taking a course at a “brick and mortar” building may need to be taken in the county that the ticket was issued. So if a person lives in a different state that may not be very much of an option.

The other option is taking the Traffic School Course online. This option has many benefits because it can be taken anywhere that a person has a device and access to Wi-Fi. The course can be taken all at once or a little bit at a time.

Both courses cover “rules of the road” which is a great way to review rules that most people haven’t thought about in a long time. The course also goes over defensive driving tips to help a person become a more aware, reactive driver. Being a defensive driver allows a person to look ahead to what is coming and react.

Driving is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Getting a traffic ticket can be a good reminder to slow down and remember the “rules of the road” are important to keeping everyone, including us safe. However, that doesn’t mean a person should also have to suffer the long term effects of paying higher car insurance rates.


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