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As a parent, with a teenage driver in the house, there are two paths of thinking, one, pure terror of letting his/her teenage driver get behind the wheel and YES, my teenager can drive themselves to practice, to school, and to work! Teens driving is certainly scary at first, but with the proper practice and time behind the wheel, he or she can evolve into a great driver.

So, how does a parent turn their child into a great driver? Keep reading to find out.


This is an important step in helping a child become a great driver. Teens driving with no experience and/or knowledge cannot learn how to become a good driver. A parent needs to sign his/her child up for a good Driver’s Education class. The best way to do that is to do your research by asking other parents, with older kids, who have already taken a course.


Getting a child behind the wheel, as often as possible. The more practice a child gets the more confident he or she will become. Confidence is an essential part of becoming a good driver. A new driver needs practice on city roads and the highway. Be sure he or she gets hours on both.

Safe Vehicle

In order to keep children as safe as possible, it is important to be sure the vehicle he or she is driving is maintained. The last thing a parent wants is for his or her child to get stuck on the side of the road. Keeping a vehicle maintained includes checking tire pressure, getting oil changes, etc…

Baby Steps

When learning to drive a child can be a little overwhelmed. There are so many things to remember and pay attention to. One way to help minimize the stress is to give the child a little bit of responsibility at a time. For example, the child’s first solo drive could just be to the grocery store and back. The next step could be going a bit further.

Review the Rules

Although the Driver’s Education course will go over the basics, every family will also have their own set of rules. For example, when the child takes the car it is returned with the same level of gas.

Teens driving can be scary for both the parents and the children. However, that scariness can be minimized by making sure both the child and the parent help the child become a good driver.

Becoming a good driver takes education, practice, taking baby steps and reviewing the rules. It is also important to be sure the new driver is in a vehicle that has been properly maintained.

The goal as the parent is to set the child up to succeed and the goal of the child is to follow the rules of the road so they can be as safe as possible. Teens driving can be scary for everyone involved. Making it less scary by getting the child prepared is the best way to avoid unnecessary accidents. 



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