Car Technology Safety Features

          Evolution is not only necessary but it is also unavoidable in every part of a person’s life. Technology has changed our world and continues to evolve rapidly. It is used daily, for example, smartphones, buying groceries, and within our own vehicles. Related to car safety technology continues to adapt to […]

Stay Alert to Stay Alive

          We all seem to have lives that are going a hundred miles an hour. It doesn’t matter if a person is single, married, has children or not, we are all busy. A person may have to get kids to sporting events or get a project completed on time. Most people […]

Passenger Safety

          Being a driver comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to watch out for pedestrians and other traffic, at all times. Just as important, to you, the driver, are the passengers in your vehicle. Your passengers need to feel safe while you are driving. Passenger safety should always be […]

Proper Etiquette While Driving

        Proper etiquette while driving really isn’t as hard as some people might think. Most of driving etiquette is common sense things. The problem is that today many people are on phones or in a hurry. They forget about why proper etiquette while driving is so important. Below is a list of […]