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Many people love the summertime. Most students are off of school. Many families take vacations. It is a great time of the year to relax and enjoy the season. It is also a time when is easy to forget about taking precautions. Many people learn the hard way to start using sunblock again. People forget to put their summer emergency kit in their cars. Or, worse don’t know what a summer emergency kit is or what items to put in one. So, let’s take a moment to review what should be in a summer emergency kit.


Water is essential to our survival.  if you put nothing else in your summer emergency kit, make sure you have water. There should be enough water for the number of people in your family times 3 days.

First Aid Kit

This is an item you can have in your car year round. The first aid kit can be used for something as simple as a cut or scrape. It could also be used as a life-saving tool, should your family ever get into a car accident or be stranded.


Although most of us are pretty good about packing sunblock during the summer oh, we all have our moments. that moment when we’re rushing to get somewhere and forget to grab it off the counter. Or that moment where we were certain it was full yesterday and today the sunblock canister is empty.  Having an emergency container of sunblock could save you from having to go to the store for Aloe and witch-hazel later.


Having a blanket in your emergency kit seems unnecessary in the summertime. However, a person who is suffering from shock could feel cold. The blanket can also give some people a sense of security during a scary time.

Basic Tool Set

Having a basic toolset in your summer emergency kit could mean the difference between being stranded and fixing the car long enough to get it to a mechanic.  Having an item like Fix-a-Flat could give you the few extra miles you need to get to the nearest gas station. Jumper cables could be used to restart your car.


Getting stranded stinks, but getting stranded at night is even worse. When it is Pitch black you might not be able to even figure out why your car won’t work. A flashlight will at least give you a chance to look at the exterior of the car to see if it is something simple that you might be able to fix.

Extra Batteries

Whenever the power goes out in a person’s home, 9 times out of 10 they will have to find several flashlights before they find one that works. most often the reason with the flashlight is not working is due to dead batteries. Having a flashlight without working batteries renders the flashlight useless.

A Summer Emergency Kit is important to have in your car during the summer months. Depending on where you live, equally as important, as the summer kit,  is a winter emergency kit, once the weather turns. Hopefully, he won’t ever need anything from your summer emergency kit. However, the one time something does happen you will be grateful it’s there.


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