Sharing the Road with Motorcycles






I’m sure you have all seen the bumper stickers on the back of cars that say “Watch out for Motorcycles”.  The bumper stickers are a reminder to be aware of and watch for motorcycles. Motorcycles are smaller than a regular-sized vehicle making them even harder to see. Even using your side mirror to check may not be enough. Sharing the road with motorcycles isn’t really a big deal unless you forget to pay attention.

Blind Spot

The blind-spot every vehicle has becomes even bigger if there’s a motorcycle next to your vehicle. When you were taught to drive you should have been taught how to check your blind-spot. You cannot rely on your side mirror alone. You must take the extra second to actually turn your head and check for other vehicles, including motorcycles, before you move lanes.

Keep Your Distance

There is a general rule that you should keep at least 3 car lengths away from any vehicle in front of yours. That rule is in place to give your vehicle enough time and distance to stop if necessary. If there is a motorcycle in front of you, you should give them even more distance. No one wants to get into an accident with a car or a motorcycle, but getting into an accident with a motorcycle can cause a lot more damage.

Road Conditions

Motorcycles do not normally go out in bad weather, so if there is a motorcycle out when it is pouring rain or high winds you can bet the motorcyclist wasn’t ready for the weather to change. Quickly changing weather conditions can be very dangerous, especially for someone riding a motorcycle, so be extra cautious. Motorcyclists can lose control more quickly in bad weather so be sure to give them even more space.

Use Turn Signals

Turn signals are always important, but they are particularly important when a motorcycle is behind you. By using your turn signal you give the person time to properly react by slowing down.

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Sharing the road with motorcycles is not a lot different than sharing the road with any other vehicle. Any person driving on the road should be sure to give the vehicle in front of them at least 3 car lengths away. When it comes to a motorcycle it is a good idea to give them even a little bit more room. Be sure you check your blind spot every time before you change lanes.

It is also essential to use your turn signals, especially if you have a motorcycle behind you. The motorcycle needs enough time to slow down and/or readjust their position.

Finally, be aware of any quickly changing weather conditions. Motorcycles cannot maintain control as well when it is raining and/or windy. By being aware of the deteriorating weather conditions you can avoid getting into an accident with a motorcycle. Sharing the road with motorcycles is all about respecting all vehicles on the road, including motorcycles.


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