School Bus Traffic Rules

School Bus Traffic Rules





There are a few traffic rules that can be confusing for some drivers. Either he/she has been given incorrect information or he/she do not fully understand the rules of the road. One set of rules that falls into that category are school bus traffic rules. Keep reading to learn about the general school bus traffic rules. Be aware school bus traffic rules can vary slightly from state to state.

Yellow Lights

When traveling behind a school bus and the yellow flashing lights come on you are required to slow down. Treat the yellow lights as you would in any other circumstance, with caution. The yellow lights mean the school bus is about to stop.

Red Lights

A red light on a traffic signal means to stop. The same rule applies when it comes to red flashing lights on a school bus. If you are traveling behind a school bus when its lights are flashing red, you are required, by law to stop while the bus allows any children to exit the bus safely.  

2-Lane Road

If you are traveling in the opposite direction of a school bus, on a 2-lane road and you see the red flashing lights come on, you are required to stop. You will need to remain stopped until the bus turns off its red flashing lights.

4-Lane Road

On a 4-lane road any traffic that is behind a school bus, on the same side, is required to stop when a school bus has its red flashing lights on. Any traffic going the opposite direction, on a 4-lane road, is not required to stop when a bus has its red flashing lights on.


A child in a wheelchair has to exit a school bus differently than other children. This process can take a few minutes. The bus will leave its flashing red lights on the entire time. That means anyone behind the bus is required to wait until the child has safely exited the bus, the bus wheelchair platform is back in place, and the bus has turned off the red flashing lights.

Stop Sign

Even if a school bus does not have red flashing lights, for some reason, if the school bus puts out its red stop sign you need to stop. The red stop sign is equivalent to the red flashing lights. You should not begin driving again until the stop sign is put back in place.

School bus laws are in place to keep the children getting off the bus safe. Driving past a stopped school bus is against the law and comes with heavy fines. If you have children, wouldn’t you want any cars near your child’s school bus to stop? Wouldn’t you want those cars to wait until all the children getting off the bus were safe on the sidewalk? The school bus laws are not there to make you late for work, they are there to protect the children getting home from school.

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