Reducing Road Rage

We have all encountered our share of road rage and let’s be honest we have probably all had our moments of being on the edge of road rage. The important difference is that most people do not allow their road frustrations to turn into road rage. Most people understand that allowing road rage to take over can cause dangerous accidents. So how does a person go about reducing road rage?

Ways to Reduce Road Rage

Leave Earlier or Later

Many times road rage creeps up because a person leaves their house at the same time, every day. That means they run into the same type of traffic day in and day out. This can be challenging because they end up sitting in the same type of traffic, getting frustrated and feeling like there’s no end.

One way to combat road rage is to leave the house even 10 minutes earlier or later. That 10 minutes can make a big difference in how much traffic a person runs into. When there is less traffic there tends to be less frustration, which equals less road rage.

Alter your Route

Unfortunately, there are certain routes, particularly during rush-hour, that are considered high traffic areas. These high-traffic areas can make getting to work and/or home from work quite frustrating. Incidence of road rage increase on these particular routes, during prime time driving.

To help with this particular issue, taking a different route might alleviate much of a person’s frustration. Often times, a different route will only take a person an additional 5 to 10 minutes. A person who gets frustrated easily should consider trying this way to reduce their road rage.


As much as we hate to admit it there isn’t much in our lives that we actually get to control. Dealing with traffic falls under that category. One of the best ways to reduce road rage is to accept that sometimes you’ll get to where you’re going faster and sometimes slower.

Drive Defensively

Driving defensively is an important skill set that everyone should have. When a person drives defensively they are aware of what is going on around their car, 360°. This awareness helps a person react more quickly should something happen around their vehicle. This can help reduce road rage because a person’s mind is occupied with keeping track of other vehicles, what is coming up ahead and what is going on behind their vehicle.

Getting stuck in traffic, due to an accident, or construction, or just plain old rush-hour, is never a fun experience. Important to pay attention to how you are feeling and reacting stuck in those situations. You need to recognize when your level of frustration is reaching a boiling level. In order to avoid the road rage, you need to find a way to calm yourself. Choosing to find an alternate route, leaving at a different time or simply accepting that you’re stuck there until you’re not are all ways you can reduce road rage.

Road rage creates dangerous situations for anyone in the vicinity. Road rage can cause accidents, injuries and even death. Understanding what road rage is and how to reduce it are your best courses of action.

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