Proper Etiquette While Driving






Proper etiquette while driving really isn’t as hard as some people might think. Most of driving etiquette is common sense things. The problem is that today many people are on phones or in a hurry. They forget about why proper etiquette while driving is so important.

Below is a list of driving etiquette some people have stopped doing and really need to back in the habit of:


Not using signals is one of the top ways people have forgotten about. People are either not paying attention or don’t think it really matters whether they use a signal or not. When in reality it really is a safety issue. A person who does use their signal to indicate that they are turning allows the person behind them to react and properly slow down.

When a person does not utilize their signals it can catch a person off-guard. The person could be following too closely and end up causing an accident because they didn’t slow down in time. Technically, the fault, of course, belongs to the person who did not slow down in time. But who wants to get in an accident, whether it is their fault or not! Save yourself the aggravation of having to get your car fixed, deal with an insurance company and ruin your day, by using your turn signals.

Pull Over for Sirens

When a fire truck, ambulance or fire squad car turn on their lights and/or their sirens it means someone, somewhere is in need of help. People are supposed to pull to their right, as far as possible to open up as much room as possible so the vehicle can get through. Unfortunately, people get wrapped up in their world sometimes and don’t pay attention to what is going on outside their vehicle.

This can be dangerous in 2 ways. First, if a person doesn’t pull over they are putting the people who need help in more danger. Every second can count when a person is physically injured or stuck in a burning house. Second, by not pulling out of the way a person is putting themselves in danger. Those vehicles are going as fast as possible to get where they are going. If you get in the way you could end up needing help too.


Getting “stuck” behind a school bus is no fun. However, not following the rules that have been put in place to keep the children safe is just asking for trouble. Children getting on or off a bus may have to cross the street to get home. That is why when a bus has stopped the traffic on both sides needs to stop as well.

No one wants to be the cause for injuring a child or possibly going to jail for breaking the law.

Driving requires a lot of focus and proper etiquette while driving is necessary to keep you and all the people around you safe. Following simple rules of the road is really easy. It is so important to get you and your loved ones home safely.

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