Online Traffic Course on the Go

Getting a one-point traffic violation, for example from speeding, can be removed from a person’s driving record. If the person has not had another traffic violation in the last 18 months he or she may have the option to take a traffic school course. If they are eligible they have the option of taking the course in a traditional setting or taking an online traffic course on the go.

The person will have to contact the courthouse, in the district where they received the traffic citation, to inquire about that option. If the person is eligible the courthouse will tell them where the course is available, locally. If the person lives with in that district taking a traffic school course in a traditional setting might be a good option.

Non-Traditional Option

However, if for example, the person was traveling for vacation or work and live out of state taking the traffic school course in the traditional setting might not be a great option. Most traditional setting courses are offered once a week, at a set time. This can make attending the course a bit challenging for someone who lives out of state.

The other option, taking the traffic school course online, is a much more flexible option. Before going this route make sure to contact the courthouse and ask if it is a viable option. In most cases the answer will be yes, but they may have certain online companies that they prefer. So, again just be sure to confirm that the website is on the courthouse’s list of accredited companies.

Benefits of Online Traffic School Courses

Having the option to take a traffic school course online offers you a whole host of benefits. One of the benefits is that the person does not have to take the course in the district/county where they got the citation. The online traffic course is available to take online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The person can take the course at home, at work, on their lunch break or sitting at a coffee shop. So long as the person has access to Wi-Fi or a hotspot and a laptop or other device they can work their way through the course. They can work on the traffic course for 15 min. or 2 hours.

Once Traffic School Course is Completed

Once the online traffic course is completed and the final exam is passed the person will receive a certificate of completion that he or she can send into the necessary courthouse. Once the courthouse receives payment for the ticket citation and the certificate of completion the 1-point violation will be removed from his or her driving record.

Taking an online traffic course on the go is the easiest way to get a 1-point traffic citation removed from a person’s driving record. Just be sure the district where the person received the violation allows it and that the person hasn’t had any other traffic citations within the last 18 months.


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