Mature Drivers

It is hard for most people to admit to themselves that they are getting older. It is especially hard when it comes to doing things that could inhibit their independence. For example, driving is a big one that many people have a very hard time giving up.

Becoming a mature driver has both perks and negatives. The good part is that like with most things as you do them longer you usually get better. Older drivers have more experience and know how to react to certain situations better than many younger drivers.

The negative part about becoming a mature driver is that a lot of what makes driving more challenging for you, as you get older, are things you cannot usually control.  For example, medications are sometimes very necessary to help your body function properly. However, many medications come with side effects that can interfere with being able to drive properly. Some medications make a person sleepy. Being sleepy behind the wheel can be very dangerous.

Another issue that can come into play is slower reflexes. Being a defensive driver requires a person to react quickly. As people get older that becomes harder to do. A third problem that can plague an older person is vision. Our ability to see diminishes as we get older. For some folks driving at night becomes very challenging.

Getting older also means the likelihood of increased insurance rates. It is much like a teen driver. Because the possibility of increased accidents is there many insurance companies just increase across the board.

Fortunately, there is an option out there that can help many mature drivers. Some insurance companies will not only, not increase a person’s rates, they may also reduce a person’s car insurance rates, if a person takes a Mature Driver’s Course.

Taking a Mature Driver’s Course teaches a mature driver how to be aware of issues that could interfere with their ability to drive. The course also goes over all of the “rules of the road”. The class will also help the mature driver make adjustments to help them be a defensive driver.

For example, before getting behind the wheel on a new medication the course would teach the mature driver to take the medication for a couple days first. If the medication does not make them sleepy then they can drive while taking that medication.

Getting older doesn’t have to be the end of a person’s driving career. It does mean that a person needs to be aware that he or she might have some limitations. For example, some people need to stop driving at night because they have problems with their night vision. Or if there is a medication that makes a person sleepy, he or she could wait to take the medication in the evening, once they are done driving for the day.

No one wants to give up driving. By taking a Mature Driver Course a person may be able to keep driving a while longer, while at the same time possibly saving some money on their insurance rates.


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