Importance of Emergency Kits

None of us want to think about the possibility of being stranded somewhere. However, if we do not prepare for the possibility then when things happen we will not be ready. You do not want to have a flat tire or a dead battery and not have what you need to get you back on the road. You also so not want to be stranded in bad weather.

It really doesn’t matter where you live, you should have some type of emergency kit in your car.

Things you should include in an Emergency Kit:

  • Jack and Tire Iron – You need both of these to change the tire on your car, if it ever gets a flat. It also wouldn’t hurt if you watched a video on how to change a tire or even practiced changing an actual tire.
  • Jumper Cables – These are handy if your car battery ever dies. The only issue with these is that you need another car to help you out. But if you at least have the jumper cables you have the tool you need in order to get your car going again.
  • First Aid Kit – No matter where you live you will want one of these in your car. The first aid kit can be used day-to-day or if someone gets hurt in a car accident. You will not want to get a regular, small sized first aid kit, you’ll want one of the bigger ones that has more items, like gauze. If there is an accident Band-Aids will probably not be enough.
  • Water – This item, although important to have, will need to be changed out often. You should have enough water in your car for the amount of people that are normally with you, for three days.
  • Blankets – Being stranded for any length of time is no fun, however having some blankets on hand will make it at least a bit easier.
  • Extra Clothes – Having an extra set of close in the car for anyone who is normally with you can be helpful in several situations, including but not limited to: getting caught in a storm and ending up with soaking wet clothes, needing to keep warm if stranded on a cold winter day, etc…
  • Food – Having some type of food in the car is a good idea. Cans of food are one option. Another option could be boxed foods that have expiration dates in a couple years, like pop tarts or crackers.

None of us want to think about bad things happening while we are driving, but it is just smart to plan ahead for possible emergencies. Most people keep extra batteries and flashlights in their homes in case the lights go out. People also keep cans of food and extra water in their homes. This is no different, having emergency kit items in your car is just smart planning.

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