FAQ Traffic School

A person who has never gotten a speeding ticket before, or the person who hasn’t gotten one in 20 years, may not realize they have some different options now. You will of course have to pay for the ticket and any court fees if there are any. However, if you have any concerns about the point(s) that will be added to your driving record you may want to consider taking a traffic school course.

If you are considering take a traffic school class, but aren’t sure, keep reading and hopefully you will find some answers to your questions:

  1. Where would the classes take place? With the technology that is available today you have a couple different options. You can go with the traditional method of taking classes and attend classes at a building. The class will have an educator to run the pace of the class. The other option is to take a class online. You sign up for the class and are able to work on the class whenever you have free time. You can move as quickly or as slowly as you want.
  2. Can I take a traffic school class and get rid of the point(s)? It really depends on where you live. Many places do allow a first time offender to take a class and that will remove the points from the driving history. Though be aware that does not mean they are erased from the system. The point(s) is just not visible to say an insurance agency.
  3. How does removing 1 point help me? One point may not seem like much, and in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t. However, some insurance companies keep very close track of those points and getting just one can create an increase in your insurance rate. Plus as many of us know, things tend to happen in groups. You may not get a speeding ticket for 20 years and then all of sudden you get one, and then sometimes a second, or perhaps a minor car accident. If you start stacking up points not only will your insurance rates go up, but they could decide to drop you all together.
  4. What do I need, in terms of materials, for the traffic school class? If you take the class in a typical “brick and mortar” building you will probably have to purchase a book, pay for parking and possibly a notebook. For an online traffic school course, all you need is a computer and Wi-Fi. The class is web based so you don’t need to download anything you just need a username and password.

It is no fun getting a speeding ticket. It costs you time and money. To possibly save you some money you may want to consider taking a traffic school course to keep your points and insurance rates down. The last thing you want to do is end up losing your license or end up paying a lot more money in the long run.


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