Driving Safely at Night






Driving safely at night can be a bit tricky. Some areas don’t have street lights which make it more difficult to see the traffic in front of you. Even the areas with street lights don’t help a person as much as the daylight hours. Driving safely at night can also be more challenging in an area a person doesn’t regularly travel. Driving at night does pose certain obstacles, but there are things a person can do to improve their chances of driving safely at night.

The first step a person can take to increase the safety of driving at night is to be sure they are not driving tired. Driving tired during the day is difficult enough. Driving at night adds the darkness which can increase a person’s chance of falling asleep at the wheel.

Another way to make driving at night more safe is to keep more distance between you and the cars around you. If you normally keep 3 car lengths away from the car in front of you while driving at night you may want to keep 4 to 5 car lengths away. The more distance between you and the car in front of you the more time you give yourself to react should something happen. 

As mentioned above sometimes a person traveling in unknown territories will struggle because they do not know the terrain. To adjust for this issue you should do your research and look over that area on a map. Another option is to plan your trip so you are driving that unknown area during the day.

Finally, when driving at night in areas without street lights to help guide you or other cars use your bright lights when possible. This will not always be a feasible option because even if there is no traffic on your side, there could be traffic going the other way. However, using your bright lights does give you a wider area of light making it easier to see the lines on the road. Bright lights can also help you on the side of the road. Bights can help to see animals trying to cross the road and disabled vehicles.

Driving Safely at Night – Pros   

Although driving at night can cause issues it also has its positive. For example, many people do not like to drive at night so they break up their trip over several days and stay at hotels. People staying at hotels rather than driving at night minimizes the amount of traffic you would have to deal with. Also, most construction is done during the day, unless it is a project that needs to be done quickly for safety purposes. That means there will be fewer traffic jams allowing traffic to flow making driving safely at night easier. 

Driving at night is not easy and can be filled with unknowns. However, if a person is careful and pays extra attention while driving at night it can be done safely. Making sure not to drive tired, keeping more distance between cars, using brights when possible, and researching unknown areas can all help ensure driving safely at night. 

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