Driver’s Education During COVID

Driver’s Education During COVID

Taking a driver’s education course is an exciting time for any teenager. It is also a time filled with stress and anxiety. The student is trying to learn something new. The student is also worried about passing the exams at the end, both written and driving. Now toss COVID into the mix and let’s look at driver’s education during COVID. 

Lockdowns During COVID

As lockdowns were put into place and businesses and DMVs were forced to close. That meant many teenagers were unable to complete their driver’s education. It also meant, they were unable to take the necessary tests in order to get their driver’s license. Along with the rest of the world, their lives were put on hold. They had to wait until the storm passed.

Restrictions Lifted

Now that many restrictions and state mandates have been lifted businesses and Departments of Motor Vehicles have been able to reopen. The problem that is occurring now is that those businesses and DMVs are having to play catch-up. Instead of the regular influx of teenagers wanting to take driver’s education courses and complete the necessary tests to earn their driver’s licenses, there’s a huge backlog, an entire year’s worth. 

Places that offer driver’s education courses are trying to finish courses that began before the pandemic. At the same time, begin driver’s education training for teenagers who are just coming of age. Also, the DMV is trying to catch up with all of the teenagers from the last year who were eligible to take the written and driving tests.  Both issues slow the process down and although teenagers are getting their driver’s licenses again it’s taking much longer. 

Another issue, there are still some guidelines that must be followed in order to keep everyone safe. For example, normally for the driving piece of the test, there would be a tester in the car that would drive with the student. The instructor tells the student when and where to turn to assess their driving abilities. 

The guideline in place at the moment, in some states, requires a parent to drive with their child while the tester watches the student drive-thru a preset course. The parent is not allowed to give any instructions to the child. If the instructor feels that the parent is helping the child, in any way, the student automatically fails. This requirement can add a whole other level of stress to the testing process.

Driver’s education during COVID

Driver’s education during COVID had been stopped completely or the process had been hindered dramatically. A teenager getting their driver’s license is one of those rare “Rites of Passage”. As we all struggle to find some normalcy again, hang in there, driver’s education will get back to normal. Then teenagers will only have to deal with the “normal” levels of stress and anxiety that come with trying to obtain their driver’s license. 

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