Drivers Ed Course Overview

There are two parts to any driver’s education course. The first part is the written requirement piece and the second part is training behind-the-wheel. Both pieces require time to complete. The first part of the Drivers Ed Course helps prepare the soon to be driver for the written exam that must be taken at the DMV. In order to obtain the required Drivers Ed Certificate, a person must complete the Drivers Ed Course and pass the written exam, at the end with 80% or better. This article is going to cover the Drivers Ed Course Overview of the written required piece.

Drivers Ed Course Overview

Responsibilities of a Driver

This part of the Drivers Ed course discusses driving responsibilities. It will cover that driving is a privilege and must be treated accordingly. The course will go over the fact that a vehicle is, in essence, a weapon if not treated with the utmost respect. A vehicle can do a lot of damage to both other people and property.

Rules of the Road

A Drivers Ed Course is going to go over the rules of the road for that particular state. Road rules can vary from state to state so it’s important to understand, especially for the written exam at the DMV. The course will go over not only the basic rules of the road but also defensive driving.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is an important set of skills that every driver needs to have. Offensive driving teaches a person how to be aware of not only their immediate surroundings but also what is going on ahead of their vehicle and behind their vehicle. This is essential because being able to respond quickly, should anything ever arise while driving, could give a person the few seconds he or she needs to avoid an accident.

Alcohol and Drugs

This part of the course is designed to explain and show how alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s ability drive in a responsible manner. The students will be shown the statistics which will include the number of accidents and deaths that occur due to alcohol and drugs.

Signals, Signs and Markings on the Road

Although many 16-year-olds have been in the car for years they still do not know what some of the signals, signs and markings on the road mean. This section of the course will go over all of those things bringing them to the attention of the student so they can get more familiar and comfortable. Plus, there will be several questions on the written exam that go over this particular topic.

Driving is a big responsibility and anyone looking to obtain a driver’s license needs to understand the enormity of that responsibility. The Drivers Ed Course is designed to lay out why driving is a big responsibility and to prepare them. If you think about it for a minute, driving is a lot like learning a new sport. There are rules that must be followed and techniques that must be perfected. Driving is very similar, except for one major difference. In a sport, if someone makes a mistake you lose the game. When it comes to driving if you make a mistake you can cause an accident, injure someone or possibly kill someone.

The written piece of the Drivers Ed Course is essential to a person understanding why there are rules of the road and how to follow them properly.

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