Emergencies and Being Prepared

Some states have to worry about snow storms, while other states have to be prepared for possible flooding emergencies. Then there are other states that have the opposite issue, drought which open them up to fires. No matter where we live there is the possibility of life altering emergencies. It is important to be not […]

5 Things To Remember When Driving

5 Things to Remember While Driving In trying to get a driver’s license there are certain requirements. You have to take a Driver’s Ed course, drive a certain number of hours with a responsible person, take a written exam and pass, and finally take and pass the road test. The driver’s license is cherished and […]

Reality Dose For Teens

Dose of Reality for Teens If you have ever had someone try to explain something to you that you have never seen or tasted before? It is hard to imagine… You could explain how the game of baseball is played a hundred times, but until that person goes to a game or watches one on […]

Driving Resolutions For 2014

Driving Resolutions for 2014 You hear people talking all throughout December. I will finally quit smoking, starting January 1st. I will get back on my diet, starting January 1st. I will start exercising, starting January 1st. It happens every year, in December. People start looking to the next year. They assess what they didn’t do […]