Traffic in the Summer

There is all sorts of traffic out there on a day-to-day basis. There is the morning rush-hour traffic. There is the evening rush-hour traffic. There is the traffic that comes from an accident. There is the traffic that comes from construction or a traffic pattern change. There is also something called traffic in the summer. […]

Smarter Driving Decisions

Making smarter driving decisions can help you steer clear of accidents. Most people already know what those smarter driving decisions are they just get too comfortable behind the wheel sometimes. And sometimes getting a little reminder doesn’t hurt. Keep reading to get a quick refresher of smarter driving decision tips. Let it go – We […]

Traffic Patterns

Traffic patterns are designed to make traffic run as smoothly as possible. People get used to traffic patterns and adjust for ones that don’t run as smoothly by avoiding those areas. When construction begins in certain areas traffic patterns may need to be altered to accommodate the construction for whatever period of time it will […]

What to do After an Accident

Car accidents are no fun for anybody involved. It is of course less fun for the person who created the accident, but everyone involved loses. Most people after an accident are shaken up, no matter what the severity of the accident was. Luckily though most accidents are not horrible and more damage is done to […]

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety does not just apply to vehicles out on the road. Traffic safety also applies to people who are riding their bikes, runners, people out walking and anyone else or anything else that is out on the road or sidewalk. It is important for everyone be safe when they are around traffic. Traffic safety […]

Driving while Taking Medications

There are many things that can affect a person’s driving capabilities: taking drugs or drinking, distractions in the car like a phone, radio or other people, the weather, etc. However, many people don’t realize that taking certain medications can also affect a person’s driving capabilities. It is important to be aware of anything that could […]