7 Signs the Mature Driver Needs a Refresher Course








You love your parents and see them as pretty much invincible. Realizing they are not is hard to accept. You will begin to notice little things first. They may have multiple minor car accidents. Or they might struggle to drive at night and ask you to drive them places. So, how do you know if it is time for your parent to stop driving or it perhaps they just need a traffic school course designed for the mature driver? Below are 7 signs the mature driver needs a refresher course, rather than taking their driver’s license away.

Close Calls

A more mature driver may mention he or she has had numerous close calls recently. You should try to determine when those close calls are occurring. Are they happening during the day? At night? Do they seem to happen in the city or on the highway? The answers to those questions can help determine if your parent needs to give up driving or if a refresher course is in order.

Too Slow

If when you are driving with your parent do they seem to be driving under the speed limit? Do you notice a line of cars behind them, slowing down the traffic flow? Drivers that do not keep up with the flow of traffic can create unnecessary dangers for themselves and for others.

Delayed Reflexes

This is another area where you may notice small day-to-day changes. For example, normally a parent may be able to catch something they have dropped before it hits the ground, but as they age that becomes harder.

Decrease in Confidence

Your parent may ask you to drive them more often. They may ask you to take them to places they used to be comfortable driving to themselves.

Misjudging Right Hand Turns

We have all hit a curb now and again. A parent who is struggling may run over curbs, especially on right-hand turns.

Easily Distracted

Being distracted while driving happens, but being distracted more often and more easily happens as we mature.

Vision Issues

Another one of the 7 signs that a mature driver needs a refresher course is their vision. A person’s vision will deteriorate naturally, but there are some things types of vision issues that can be altered or fixed.

All of these signs should be a red flag for any child of an older parent. The tricky part is knowing whether your parent could benefit from a mature driver’s refresher course or if you may need to talk to your parent about giving up driving. One factor to think about is what you know about your parent, their age, how often they mention struggling. It is also a good idea to go driving with your parent to see how they act and drive behind the wheel.

A mature driver’s refresher course could help your parent refresh their driving skill sets. The refresher course may help your parent to continue to drive for a few more years. Another perk many people do not know is that a mature driver who takes a refresher course may get a reduced car insurance rate.

It is hard to know which decision is best for your parent. Being aware of how your parent is doing mentally and physically is really important. The best way to know how their driving skills are is by spending time with them. When you notice your parent mentioning having close calls, driving too slow, a decrease in confidence, vision issues, being easily distracted, misjudging right-hand turns and/or dealing with a delay in reflexes, it is probably time for a mature driver refresher course.


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