6 Ways to Prepare for a Long Drive







For many people driving is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. People drive long distances to go on vacation. People also like to go sightseeing. Driving allows some people to put their day-to-day lives behind them for a while, crank up the tunes and just go. In order to have a good experience while driving, especially for long drives, keep reading. Below is a list of 6 ways to prepare for a long drive.

Car Maintenance

Going on a long drive can take a toll on anyone’s car. In order to prepare for a long drive a person should be sure to stop at their local mechanic. Have them look over major things like tires, brakes and fluid levels. The mechanic should also check windshield wipers, tire pressure and change the oil if necessary. A person should also make sure they have a spare tire, the jack, and flares, just in case.

Full Tank

Driving long distances will require more than one stop at a gas station. Although driving with a full tank is not necessary, it is advised that a person driving long distances keep their tank at, at least ¼ tank. Driving can be unpredictable. Travelers run into traffic, weather and other issues that eat up fuel leaving a person without gas on the side of the road. By keeping the tank at ¼ or more there is a better chance of getting to the next gas station before running out of fuel.


Anyone who travels, by car, often will tell you snacks are a must. Driving long distances is even more reason to keep some food and water in the vehicle. Snacks can help a person drive farther without having to stop for food. They are also a necessity if the vehicle were to ever get stuck somewhere. Being stranded with no food and/or water is not good.

Gum or Mints

Although technically gum and mints fall into the snacks category they are on the list for a different reason. Gum and mints are a way to keep a person more aware of what is going on around them. Driving, especially long distances, can get boring and a person can lose focus. Having a mint or chewing on a piece of minty gum can help wake up a person’s senses.

Variety of Media

Most people like some form of media while driving. They may like music or audio books or perhaps even a movie playing in the background. Having different options keeps the trip more exciting which also keeps a person more alert. Think about how some day-to-day activities can get boring. The same idea applies to listening to the same songs over and over, or the same story.

Mentally Prepare

Life sends us all kinds of curve balls. Driving is no different. Because a person driving long distances will be driving into unknown areas at different times of day they could run into rush hour traffic, lane closures, ramp closures, detours, bad weather, construction or many other traffic-related issues. A person must be mentally prepared to handle what may come their way. Being aware that a person cannot control those things and to plan for that is essential to avoid frustration and possible road rage.

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